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Things to Know About Riding Motorcycles
July 6, 2023

Things to Know About Riding Motorcycles

Motorcycles are daring, exciting and fun to ride. While riding a motorcycle provides years of enjoyment, it’s important to think about arriving safely to your destination every time you hit the road. Having the right motorcycle insurance policy in place is necessary, and understanding motorcycle safety is key. Here are a few tips to help keep you safe on the road. motorcycles on the road

  • Get to know your bike: A motorcycle leaves you open to the elements, which exposes you and your bike to certain risks that are not present with cars. You should be able to tell when things are not running properly, so you can correct the issue before it grows bigger and more expensive. 
  • Stay defensive: On a motorcycle, you must stay alert and aware of everything going on around you. Driving defensively for your protection can assist in avoiding accidents. 
  • Remember to turn off the choke: It’s easy to forget to turn off the choke, especially if you are a new motorcyclist. But this will help you save gas and maintain the life of your bike. 
  • Always check your bike before driving: It’s important to always inspect your bike before taking off to make sure your chain is tight and lubricated, your tires are at the right pressure and have no cuts or punctures and whether or not you have enough oil in your motorcycle. All of this will assist in smooth riding. 
  • Know how long you can drive: Just like a car, once you become one with the machine, you should be able to determine how many miles you can go before stopping for gas, and how many gallons it will take to fill up the tank. This is good to know, especially if you are driving in unknown areas where there may not be a gas station immediately available to you. 
  • Know the laws: You need to know the laws of every area you drive through to make sure you remain in compliance. Having your motorcycle insurance card with you at all times is important, just in case you are pulled over. 

Is your motorcycle insurance up to date? Call your independent insurance agent to review your coverage so you can ensure safe travels each time you ride your bike. 

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