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Do You Need Builder’s Risk Insurance to Protect Your Worksite?
September 9, 2021

Do You Need Builder’s Risk Insurance to Protect Your Worksite?

Construction can be a rewarding career. Many people enjoy seeing the tangible fruits of their labor. But it does not come without risks. Being that buildings are not erected overnight, your projects are exposed to a host of risks—severe weather, fire, flooding, theft and more—throughout the process of construction, which could take many months. In fact, the construction industry sees billions of dollars in damages to unfinished worksites each year. 

So, how can you protect your ongoing projects? Builder’s risk insurance, also referred to as course of construction insurance, is designed to protect your hard work and finances against the most prevalent industry risks. Let’s take a look at a few of the coverage options that are common with these policies. 

  • Property damage: Funds repairs or replacement of your business’ physical property that is damaged or destroyed, such as raw materials, equipment, scaffolding, signage and more.  


  • TheftCovers the loss of stolen materials and equipment.  


  • Natural and man-made disastersWhile property damage coverage protects your assets from fire and theft, this option offers protection from severe weather, broken water mains, blackouts and other disasters as written in your policy.

Think about the investment you have tied up in a project. If a particularly bad storm destroyed the property, would you be able to pay for the costs of replacement and the liabilities you have to the project owner? To protect your business’ interests, especially if your worksite is located in an areas that has a high crime rate or high risk of inclement weather, talk to your independent insurance agent about the benefits of builder’s risk insurance. 

Get a quote today. Call Jim Kelly Insurance at 847-367-1234 for more information on builder’s risk insurance. 

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