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Four Ways Commercial Auto Insurance Protects Your Growing Business
May 19, 2021

Four Ways Commercial Auto Insurance Protects Your Growing Business

New business opportunities may require your employees to operate your company cars. These risks are unavoidable. Fortunately, you can mitigate them with commercial auto insurance. This coverage lets you protect your business from the unknown, and the financial challenges it might bring. 

There are four reasons you should consider obtaining commercial auto insurance coverage when expanding your business. delivery driver in white commercial van

1. Commercial Auto Insurance Gives You Financial Protection 

Commercial auto insurance coverage protects your business from having to pay hefty repair costs and lawsuit settlements. 

With commercial auto insurance, your insurance company pays for most repairs if there is damage to your business’ vehicles. They also pay for damage you cause to someone’s property. And if a wreck results in injuries, they might cover that too. 

Keep in mind that not every policy meets every need. So, be sure to do your research. 

2. With Commercial Auto Insurance You Have Larger Limits 

Not only does your commercial auto insurer cover your losses, but they also tend to do so in a big way. Since lawsuits involving incidents with business vehicles can be extremely costly, commercial auto insurance coverage generally has larger limits than typical insurance policies do. With higher limits, you protect your business from becoming insolvent. 

3. Get Coverage for Every Employee with Commercial Auto Insurance 

Unlike personal auto insurance, commercial auto policies allow you to cover multiple cars and drivers. By covering all of your staff and fleet, you don’t have to worry about an accident or incident on the road wiping you out, financially. If your employees do get into an accident, your insurance policy will likely cover it. 

4. Meet Transportation Contract Requirements 

Many businesses contract with others to transport goods. In many of these cases, clients require you to have commercial auto insurance before they contract with you. With the right coverage, you can maintain your contracts. 

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